Lydia’s Story

Lydia comes across as a soft-spoken almost demure individual but her achievements belie the shy demeanor. Amongst Lydia’s numerous achievements is the coveted Top of the Table award, which puts her in the world’s top 1%.

Lydia left the sales and marketing department of a hotel in 1981 to join the insurance industry and within a year qualified for the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). By 1990, she joined the top three percent of the world performers in MDRT and in 1995, was announced as the first Top of the Table qualifier in Prudential.


Lydia’s 25 Year Service Award

Celebrated Lydia’s 25 Year Service Award at Zurich, Swissotel on 02 May 2012. The 25 Years Service Award was presented to Lydia Choo by Executive VP & CDO, Patrick Teow.