Our Testimonials

At Lydia Choo & Associates, our culture is people first. We believe in and support our Financial Consultants by giving them all the tools they need to succeed, including a career advisor and training courses. We are also told that our welcoming environment is one of the first things noticed by our new joiners.

Lydia Choo & Associates – A place to inspire and be inspired

Agatha Chua

Thanks Boss. Anything is always possible for my Boss. Even moving mountains you know.

Congratulations to my boss. You’re the best!

Carmen Cheong

Congratulations! Quarter century next, boss! Thanks, you are really the Guru!

Choo Kok Keong

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your concern, help, support these few months. Thank you so much.

Jeff Ang

For the past 3 years that I have been in this agency, Lydia has always been there to guide and lend a hand to us. She reaches out to all of us and leaves no one behind. Positive energy is always flowing out from her and she gives personal attention to each and every individual when needed.

I personally have benefitted from our one to one sessions and have learnt different perspective, enforced my moral values and been shown the path like how a lost ship follows a lighthouse.

Lydia is the best boss I ever known. She is firm yet understanding, goal driven yet compassionate. This can be seen and felt when she was dealing with me this ‘problem kid’. I appreciate the patience and forgiveness that she has demonstrated towards me and hope that I can continue to learn from her.

She is always giving her best and let us give our best to her too! Thank you Boss! :)

Magdalene Lau

You are a great leader. I would have left the business without you. Let us enjoy the fruits together. Cheers!